What’s Next? …A LOT!

On my calendar this evening it says “blog about something, anything really…” and then it asks “what’s the blog about in 2013? does it need a topic/theme?  are you blogging the book?”  If I learned one thing about what worked well on this blog over the past year it was: thinking out loud…

If you’re wondering what’s next for this blog in 2013, so am I!  Let’s start with what I know:

making rainbows out of this lifetime…

  1. schedule: without one, I will probably fade into oblivion… so for now, I am committed to posting on Mondays & Wednesdays weekly (except, of course, when I am sick-tired-lazy-on vacation-having a nervous breakdown… not for every one of those instances.  It will be far more interesting for you if I continue to post mid-breakdown).
  2. topics: oh, wait I was starting with what I knew… I’ll have to get back to this one in another list
  3. what’s happening this year:
  • I’m writing a book… a little bit memoir… a little bit how-to… a lot bit funny (wocka-wocka) and wildly successful (damn straight!)
  • I’m starting a business (with my beloved)… green, crunchy, somehow we’re going to find a way to involve vulnerability too!
  • I’m doing a painting a week (starting on January 22nd) and showing you a picture every week… even if it is completely sucktastic
  • I’m continuing to attract the life and love that I desire (you know… the usual… no big deal)
What I don’t know: 
  1. Topics/Themes for the blog: As nice as it was to have a structure for 2012, I didn’t exactly follow it… and I think we get a lot juicier when I departed from the intended path.  That being said… there are a few things I know I want from 2013:
  • Success on all the aforementioned projects
  • To maintain an attitude of wonder and curiosity (as opposed to judgment, expectation, disappointment, assumption, etc.)
  • To shed behaviors/people/things that cause me harm take on behaviors/people/things that love me up!
  • and a WHOLE lotta other stuff… and as I find out (that I either know or don’t know it I will share it with you)
  • That’s all I have for now!
    Stay tuned.

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