hiatus, meet shingles

as you know, I’m on hiatus… and as you might not know, just over a week and a half into it I was floored by a diagnosis that seemed unfairly cast upon me (considering how mindful I was being about my self care). I was pretty pissed and feeling very lost and confused… how could I get shingles? I’m not 80! I’m taking care of myself! I’m not sickly! argh!!

but, with help, I was able to see this uncomfortable situation start to melt into a beautiful story.

and I want to share that story with you, but I am so damn tired… it will have to wait. I’m a few days in to a 10 day course of antiviral medication that make me feel just as bad, if not worse, than the condition itself (sigh–as is the way of Western Medicine), but I’m left with this:

It will be painful, but it will be worth it.

See you soon with all the gory and gorgeous details.


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