Dear Body,

Dearest Body,

What can I give you in exchange for remaining healthy? I was missing my father and you expressed yourself through shingles… I am missing my beloved and you’re expressing yourself through strep throat…  OUCH.

I’ll offer to abstain 100% from the foods that hurt me (that means absolutely zero dairy,

that's coconut milk ice cream smiling at me

that’s coconut milk ice cream smiling at me

corn, gluten, or meat–not even when it’s “worth it” AND not even when I pretend not to know the ingredient is in there hoping that ignorance will serve as a sort of placebo effect), and can even say no to sugar and alcohol… but does it have to be forever?  Can we figure out a way that I could indulge in high quality treats at romantic opportunities?  I’d love to have a slice of New York pizza and pay only what it costs instead of also paying for it with a week in bed.

What do you need from me to express yourself in a different way?  Seriously.  I’ll do anything.



Oh, you need me to express myself in a different way? You want me to use you to paint and dance and even write more? You want me to scream when I’m angry and jump when I’m joyful? You want to feel me throw my hands in the air for as many reasons as one might? Things like defeat? excitement? celebration?



Ok body, but may I make a request? Can you help me WANT to do those things? Because when the suggestions come in the form of urging from my beloved I feel all wrenched up and resistant to them… it would be great if they could just be my idea.



WTF?! Why not?


Oh. Because you want me to experience that a suggestion from someone who loves me is an act of love, not of judgment–not something to be feared. Because you want me to give up on the need to be right.

You’re a tough one, eh?

Okay. I’ll do it. This is the deal: 1 slice of NY pizza and a glass of champagne here and there all in good health in exchange for me using you to your full potential.



I’m in.


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