about me

Kate E. McCrackenBeing human can be difficult. Mostly because we rely on this tricky thing called “communication” to understand each other. In the non-profit world, I have been creating cohesive order out of communicative chaos and helping people develop into their best selves for 10+ years.

As a writer: I write my stories in the blog on this site.  I have been doing so since November 2011.  I also have a memoir in progress.

As a speaker: I stand up in front of groups of people, large and small, and talk about how to turn those life transition moments into life transformation moments.

As a facilitator: I can facilitate your retreat, your conference, your project planning sessions, your small group or committee meetings, your workshops and training sessions, I could go on…

As a consultant: I can help you develop a staff development plan, develop a project strategy, organize your people places and things, and orient your processes into a system that works.