Moving on an Empty Stomach

I just did the final pre-move move. You know, that trip from the old place to the new one with your car jam packed with things that don’t fit in boxes. Maybe you heard (from JH’s HuffPo piece!) that we’re moving. And we are. And it didn’t seem that monumental until this last drive from here to there.

It occurred to me as I was arguing with JH about whether or not I needed to make this trip (I said yes, she said no and I am the boss of moving related things) that I was taking a very strong stance and that it was for no other reason than I believed this trip was necessary to make tomorrow’s move go smoothly. And this is important because in the not too distant past my urgent need to get in my car and go out into the night alone would have been motivated by something else completely.


Things I may have binged on while on this proverbial pre-move move:
Mini Donettes
Burger & Fries
Orange Bang
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Candy Bars
Ice Cream Bar
Honey buns

Probably not all of those, but pick at least 3…

This time, with a few bites of chicken breast and some swiss chard in my belly, I didn’t think about food AT ALL until I realized I wasn’t thinking about it. And then I only thought about it to think about not thinking about it. In other words, I didn’t want it. It was pretty magical.

So, what’s the fallout to not bingeing while moving?

Well… moving is stressful (yep). And I was kind of a jerk (it’s true). I yelled a few times. I growled. I made demands of others without bothering to sound polite. I stepped fully into my inner control freak and let her fly her flag high.

AND… my family still loves me. They actually don’t seem the slightest bit phased by my less than stellar behavior. Which made me wonder/and subsequently realize: I was a jerk while moving on sugar too. I was! I was probably even more of a jerk. And they knew it. And they felt it. I was the one who couldn’t feel it.

Hmh. Interesting.

Lesson learned: I can be a bit of a jerk and people will still love me.


this picture is sideways but I’m too tired to fix it.


What I ate today (if anyone is still curious):
1. Scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, and half a stale homemade cassava tortilla
2. Chicken lule kabob, cabbage salad, hummus, and fries
3. Few bites of chicken breast & swiss chard

a lot of chicken apparently…

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