One Spirit Medicine – Days 0.5 & 1

I’ve been off sugar for 22 hours.  You heard about my wellbeing vow already in my last post, and it’s now coming to life.  “It” in this case is coming in the form of a book and a class guiding me through the next six weeks of no sugar (including fruit, root vegetables, honey, agave, etc., etc., etc), no grains, no caffeine, and no alcohol.  I’ll be focused on eating foods that activate the Pineal gland, where the DMT molecule lives in the brain… also coincidentally aligned with the crown chakra and the bridge to the spiritual domain.  For what I give up, I expect to receive so much more.

The shortened version of the progress on the vow to date:

From 1/1/2016 through 1/7/2016 I binged all that I could get my hands on.  I ate any and everything I craved (bean & cheese burrito, mcdonald’s, wetzel’s pretzel with cheese sauce, ice cream, mini donates, more mcdonald’s, more donuts…) as a last hurrah. A Last Supper, if you will, that lasted more than a week and left me feeling completed disconnected from myself and my vow.

Goodbye sugar, it's been real.

Goodbye sugar, it’s been real.

Friday (aka The Last Day: I had Pizza Rev for lunch.  I left work early to buy myself a (dairy free) ice cream cone on my way to pick up The Boy.  Then we had Panda Express for dinner.

Saturday, I had eggs and broccoli for breakfast, and was ready to START.  I went to the first session of my class where we ate salad quinoa, and sole for lunch and were told to officially start our new way of eating/living by Monday.  Oh, cool.  A little backpedaling.  Not completely off the deep end, but for dinner I had a pan fried goat cheese quesadilla on brown rice tortilla, and a bowl of peanut butter and honey for “dessert.”

It’s Sunday, I had green juice, eggs, and broccoli for breakfast.  Squash soup with garbanzo beans and broccoli for lunch, a spoonful of cashew butter for a snack and it’s officially ON.  I am sweating, I have a headache, my joints are screaming.  I haven’t been craving grains or sugar, but intellectually I know that if I had a donut it would temporarily cease all of these detox symptoms.  But I don’t get a donut.  Instead I sit here, writing, and drinking my smooth move tea, waiting to shit so I can kick this wicked headache.

To be clear, and I feel compelled to be crystal clear here… to distance myself from the droves of people who have resolved to get fit for the new year (because apparently I have judgements.  I’ll deal with those later).  I am not trying to “get in shape.”   I am doing this (vowing to choose my own wellbeing) to become holy (aka: whole.  100% aligned mind, body, and spirit).  I have been called to do this.  I didn’t choose it or decide it.  It chose me and I said yes.

So far, and it’s only day one, this is all about food.  I want to crawl into my bed and sleep for a week but I know I’ll get hungry eventually and if there aren’t roasted vegetables ready when I wake up that I’ll be fighting an uphill battle towards raw vegetables and away from the vegan donut shop down the street.

That’s really all I have to say right now.  I’m committed to doing this.  I’m committed to writing my way through.  I’m also committed to my crankiness in a real way right now.



4 thoughts on “One Spirit Medicine – Days 0.5 & 1

  1. Catherine

    Way to go on the first step! You can absolutely do this, even though it will be challenging. I’m proud of you and the hard work you’re putting in to better yourself!

  2. Jenny Artiga

    I support you in this very worthwhile endeavor and always enjoy your writing immensely. I look forward to following you here<3


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